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Special Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC)


The Special Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC) has the mandate to advise the Centre de services scolaire on the following:

  • Special Education Policy.
  • Allocation of financial resources to the services intended for those students.

The committee may also advise the school service center on the application of the individualized education plan to a handicapped student or a student with social maladjustments or learning disabilities.


  • Parents of students with special needs designated by the Parents’ Committee. Parent members must be in the majority (Consequently, there must be a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of ten (10));
  • Representatives of teachers, non-teaching professional staff and support staff, designated by the associations representing them at the school service centre and chosen from among those who provide services to students with special needs;
  • Representatives of organizations providing services to handicapped students or students with social maladjustments or learning disabilities, designated by the Administrator after consultation with these organizations;
  • School principal designated by the administrator;
  • The Administrator or his/her representative and the Director of Educational Services or his/her representative attend committee meetings, but do not have the right to vote.


Role School/Organization Name of member
Parent Mgr-Scheffer Nancy Rémillard
Abbygail Wellman
Parent St-Paul
Mountain Ridge
Tiffanie Conway
Christa Walsh
Parent St-Augustine Lydia Shattler
Parent Mecatina Vacant Position
Parent Harrington Stephanie Hause
Parent St-Joseph Julie Dufour
Parent Netagamiou Marie Geneva Jones
Parent Gabriel-Dionne Vacant Position
Parent Kegaska Ashley Morency
Parents’ Committee Representative Comité de parents Kimberly Buffitt
Professional Staff (SPPNEQ) Centre St-Theresa Tara-Lee Lavallée
Support Staff (SERF) Cassidy Purcell
Francophone Teaching Staff (SERF) Brigitte Gagnon
Anglophone Teaching Staff (LNSETA) Harrington Keith Rowsell
Representative of Outside Organization CISSS de la Côte-Nord Dean Buckle
Representative of Outside Organization Coasters Association Gabrielle Anderson
School Principal Gabriel-Dionne/St-Joseph Karine Dubé
Coordinator of Educational Services Centre St-Theresa Katia Tardif
Director of Educational Services Centre St-Theresa Marie Hamel
Administrator Centre St-Theresa Marc-André Masse

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