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Educational Services

The Educational Services team at the Centre de services scolaire is committed to the success and progress of all students on the territory. They coordinate support, counselling and pedagogical development services among professionals in schools while ensuring the application of government norms.

General Education

To learn about the programs of study offered by the Centre de services scolaire du Littoral at preschool, elementary and secondary levels, please consult the following page on the Ministry of Education website: 

Complementary Services

School Adaptation

The primary focus of special education at the Centre de services scolaire du Littoral is to accompany students with disabilities or with adaptation or learning difficulties (EHDAA) towards success in terms of instruction, socialization and qualification.

To achieve this, the Educational Services team uses the expertise of all its qualified interveners and partners to offer services adapted to the needs and realities of each student with a disability or in a difficult situation.

Internal Resources External Resources Provincial or Regional Resources
  • Guidance Counseling
  • Remediation
  • Psychoeducation
  • Social Work
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Neuropsychology
  • Regional Support Services and Expertise
  • Centres of Excellence


Should you require additional information?

Contact the Educational Services team at the Centre de services scolaire du Littoral:

** NEW ** Consult the Staff Directory at Educational Services

Centre administratif St-Theresa
1581 boulevard Docteur-Camille-Marcoux
Blanc-Sablon, Quebec  G0G 1C0
Telephone: 418 461-2051
Fax: 418 461-2601

Marie Hamel, Director 
Telephone: 418 461-2814

Katia Tardif, Coordinator
Telephone: 418 461-2693

Nadia Beaudoin, Executive Secretary
Telephone: 418 461-2051

Ashley Babin-Duguay, Development Agent
Tel: 581-999-5000

Mélanie Lavallée, School Organization Technician
Telephone: 418 461-2370

Kelly Fequet, Social Worker
Telephone: 418 461-3567

Jean-François Rodrigue, Guidance Counsellor
Telephone: 418 461-2995

Tara-Lee Lavallée, Readaptation Agent
Telephone: 418 787-2107

Sarah Iris Foster, Student Life Animator
Telephone: 418 461-2030

Jesse Metcalf, Recreational Activities Technician
Telephone: 418 795-3391

Joël-Vincent Cyr, Librarian
Telephone: 418 229-2333

Kathy Jean McKinnon, Documentation Technician
Telephone: 418-350-3199

Bruno Courville, Pedagogical Consultant in Special Education
Telephone: 418 461-2745

Geneviève Ménard, Pedagogical Consultant, French Sector
Telephone: 418 461-2756

Kelly Anderson, Pedagogical Consultant, English Sector
Telephone: 581 621-4124

Lana Rowsell, Pedagogical Consultant
Telephone: 418 379-2107

Éric Caron, Pedagogical Consultant RÉCIT
Telephone: 587-777-5326