Accessibility policy

Social Worker – – RH2223-09

Workplace and Job Type

On the Lower North Shore territory


Nature of work

The position of social worker encompasses, in particular, responsibility for carrying out prevention, promotion and screening activities, evaluating the social functioning of students and groups of students experiencing or likely to experience emotional, social, school or family problems as well as determining and implementing a social intervention plan in order to support and restore social functioning, foster the student’s optimal development in interaction with his or her environment and help him or her pursue his or her educational path.

Some characteristic attributions

The social worker contributes to the screening and identification of students experiencing social, family, personal or school problems, using an approach focussing on prevention and intervention; he or she evaluates the students’ social functioning, including students suffering from a mental or neuropsychological disorder attested to by a diagnosis or an evaluation conducted by qualified personnel by means of a study and compilation of the information contained in the student’s record, direct observations, interviews, consultations and questionnaires in order to determine the student’s overall functioning and social needs. He or she implements, as part of an individualized education plan, a social intervention plan to meet the student’s needs.

He or she works with a multidisciplinary team to draw up, implement and review a student’s individualized education plan, while taking into account the personal, family, school and social context to help him or her overcome his or her problems as well as to develop and maintain his or her motivation in school; he or she works with other team members to ensure concerted and coordinated interventions and assess the achievement of objectives.

He or she conducts individual or group counselling sessions with students and ensures follow-up with parents; he or she may refer the student or his or her parents to resources appropriate to the situation and needs; he or she works with representatives of partner organizations.

He or she provides advice and support to teachers and to other school resources to better meet the student’s needs and to provide necessary support and supervision to ensure the student’s progress and success in school.

He or she participates in the preparation, promotion and delivery of screening, awareness-building and prevention programs on topics related to the problems experienced by youths.

He or she advises management staff, prepares expertise, evaluation, briefing and progress reports and formulates appropriate recommendations to support decision making.

He or she may be called upon to help defuse crisis or emergency situations and to recommend solutions.

He or she prepares and updates files according to the standards related to the practice of the profession and the rules defined by the school board; he or she prepares progress notes or reports as well as end-of-process and follow-up reports on his or her interventions.

Required qualifications

  • Be a member of the Ordre professionnel des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec.

Other requirements

  • Language of work: French and English
  • be available to travel on the Lower North Shore territory

Salary and working conditions

  • Salary in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement between $49,456 and $87,626 per year.
  • an isolation and remoteness premium based on dependents or not ($9,004 or $14,403);
  • low-cost housing (furnished, heated)
  • reimbursement for three annual outings from your assigned location to your point of departure for you and your dependents.


until the position is filled


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  • Max. file size: 1 GB.
  • Max. file size: 1 GB.
  • The Center de services scolaire du Littoral applies an access to equal employment program and invites women, members of visible minorities and members of minorities ethnicities, indigenous people and people with disabilities to apply.